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Eid, Mahmoud. (2014). The media amid terrorism and counterterrorism [Review of the five books Media and terrorism: Global perspectives, Selling fear: Counterterrorism, the media, and public opinion, Mass media and modern warfare: Reporting on the Russian war on terrorism, Psychological warfare in the intifada: Israeli and Palestinian media politics and military strategies, and Osama’s revenge: The next 9/11—What the media and the government haven’t told you]. Terrorism and Political Violence, 26(5), 842-854.

Eid, Mahmoud. (2013). The new era of media and terrorism [Review of the three books Terrorism in the twenty-first century, Mass-mediated terrorism: The central role of the media in terrorism and counterterrorism, and Fueling our fears: Stereotyping, media coverage, and public opinion of Muslim Americans]. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 36(7), 609-615.

Eid, Mahmoud. (2013). Thinking ethical [Review of the three books Media ethics: Cases and moral reasoning, Ethics in action: Making ethical decisions in your daily life, and Living ethics: Across media platforms]. New Media & Society, 15(3), 433-439.

Eid, Mahmoud. (2012). Systems of ethical reasoning and media communications [Review of the three books Communicating ethically: Character, duties, consequences, and relationships, Ethics in media communications: Cases and controversies, and Comparing media from around the world]. International Journal of Technoethics, 3(3), 69-75.

Eid, Mahmoud. (2008). The 2003 War on Iraq: A global media-politics convergence [Review of the three books Bring 'em on: Media and politics in the Iraq War, U.S. and the Others: Global media images on 'The War on Terror', and Global war - local views: Media images of the Iraq War]. The Journal of International Communication, 14(1), 157-164.



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